that little star in the sky and me

The sky is dark and few stars are showing their best to illuminate their surroundings. I am here at my window just watching them, they are beautiful and attractive. They are wonderful, I remember my mum telling that after we die we become stars. The group of four stars at the eastern sides is our ancestors they are looking at us forever. Wonderful, I don’t believe that practically but I love watching them. They are what and what they are trying tell to me are not of importance and they are for what reason are of less importance to me. Science and myth are behind the story, I do damn care about them.

Today I found one of the star just as me. I found it as the  synonym of my little  life . Lots of things resembled with my life. If you are reading it in the night just look at the the  north eastern side of sky then  you will see a the  brightest star , just as me. It is the brightest of all . Really speaking its brightest but who cares. I am the best but who dares to watch and care .

That star is at its best form and giving the rays of light to the maximum but so sad it is not able to illuminate the earth. It is its major drawback,

Who tries to look at that star who tries to think on that far star ; brightest star. We all worship the sun, the nearest and it gives the warmth and the light. Even the moon who doesn’t have anything just reflects the suns light is praised and worshiped for her light in the night.

Congratulation, sun you became the nearest and you are the God similarly moon what do you have actually , nothing , you have given  all most everything you get and you are holy God,.

But my favorite that  star you and I are same . We  have got everything we need to have. We have power, heat, creativity, dedication, hard working attitude. But whats its use, we are nor adored, loved or respected. We are left  alone as  extra terrestrial thing. You an I cannot be fake and become so called close nor can behave in the way the other wants us to.

We all need here is link up, hook and the modern people like to call it strong networking. What the hell is this! The brightest star is more worthy and have more capabilities but we all respect who are near to us; similarly I am the brightest but I tried not be near of anyone and I am left alone and always criticized for my needs and deeds. This society is fucking as the galaxy are; who dares to analyse for the support given by that brightest star no one dares likewise what does it matter if I am the most desirable candidate for bringing change in the society or who are fucked up to hear my critical analysis or my new ideas or innovation. No one gives a damn about me and you little star. You and me are same.

That little fellow moon what does it have to give, not even its own light and she is most respected. Why!!! its  simple she use her all time being near to the earth, just being in the periphery and just hearing and obeying the earth. So my little friend you  little star we are not able to show our  talent because we stayed far and we did not give a shit about praying other for the hidden benefit of our, so its time for gear up.

That sun, who is very small to that of you are becoming hero so we must explore our talent,,we must move as this universe does, we must praise so called near and dear one and get appreciation. 

Its your choice to become the sun and the moon or tiny little star far away just watching everything and enjoying oneself.

*** actually it was in draft month ago but just published

* if some language is disgusting for you, then its not intended for you so just ignore that word.hahaha


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