I loved Banda

Hellow everybody,

Today there was banda in Nepal. So called banda by the Maoist and other 33 parties to obstruct upcoming constitution assembly election.

Yesterday was also banda, I slept the whole day and the day went off without any significance. In the evening I met one of my friend and enjoyed the sunset.

Today also I slept the whole morning, then I felt I have to do something today. I searched for that something but couldn’t find anything.

Then I went to the main road to buy the newspaper, I thought I will get update on the facts about the banda so I went to the shop that is on the main road.

I saw some buses (the force runs in our area) running, I thought I am actually buying the newspaper to get fact on the banda and I don’t have more objectives to buy that paper so why don’t I myself travel to the different parts of the city to get the actual scenario.

I know I am not a journalist or any person who is liable to share the information but this time I loved to travel, to observe the fact and it was lovely.

Different parts of the city gave the different view and happenings. Drivers were driving to get a bit of  more money, some drivers were driving the vehicle in the routes where the actual route vehicles are not running and people were loving it. some people were in fear, fear to get the bomb so they were cautious on the every facts.

As I travel from the tinkune area I saw the lovely attractive beautiful range of mountains. As I went to kandaghari from Jadibuti I felt as if I am walking in the Airport road in the pokhara., In Sinamangal I believed to be in ChpleDhunga of Pokhara.

The weather is so mesmerizing that I called one of my friend to plan for hike in Sivapuri or Nagarjuna to feel the mountains, to get the closer look, glimpse of the snow.

Thanks to banda for such a cool weather.

I used to walk on that way almost daily but I haven’t noticed such clear soft and beautiful mountains, the Himalayas were smiling at me.

I am thanking to banda because due to banda there is less or no vehicles and there is no pollution. there is less crowd and less pollution; visual pollution. This banda has eventually decreased the  aerosols particles that disturbs the visibility. Its nice to see the cool himalaya near and clear to us.

The mountains are there, we are here as always but we can see more clear and clean himalaya today because of the indirect benefit of the banda. So thanks to Banda. I love banda.

thank you all for reading this. hope you will also look the mountains and appreciate the indirect benefit of Nepal Banda

I don’t have got the professional camera and i could just take snaps from the mobile




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