बल्खु कृशी तथा तरकारी बजार

Balkhu we all have travelled. Recently there is some change near to the bridge in the Balkhu River. The establishment of “BALKHU  TARKARI BAZAR” has bought some change in the landscape of the Balkhu area. Image

The more people are travelling and more vehicles are making their way to the new shopping hub. The traffic of “KALIMATI TARKARI BAZAR” has been diversified which is nice in the scenario that we the costumers will get more appropriate prizing and we have more alternatives.  It’s good that the area which has not been in good use has been best utilized in its best form. As a student of Environmental science I have done the riparian zone analysis of Bagmati River and had observed the Balkhu area closely. I had observed that there were about 12 species with dominance of parthenium hysterophorus and poligonum species. The pH was around 7.6 and organic matter of about 3%. The river was heavily loaded with the pollution and especially the organic waste and some non-degradable waste and few  e waste.  This is the analytical part but the main focus mine this writing is the establishment of new vegetable Shopping Centre. As we know the Baghmati is heavily polluted with the pollution and Balkhu  Khola is also not in good condition and the new shopping hub is in the middle of these two rivers.Image

It’s nice that the place is best utilized, the dirty area is cleaned and a new definition is given to the place. May the good work may continue at the same time some consideration are must to be made. There is no proper place of dumping of waste. Some dustbins that are put in the area are also not properly used. They are openly seen as not being used and carelessly left unused so they are seen as fallen down. Kabi_0003 This is the place where there will be huge organic waste and till now there is no best solution to it. Till this date the pollution is less and these waste are being managed somehow but my question is till how long this place will be free from organic pollution as there is no scientific management tools applied till now. Soon there might be the situation when this pollution will be dumped into the river side of their location. And gradually Balkhu and Bagmati River will be new open dustbin for the Shopping Centre.This will add more organic waste to the river, the river will be more dirty and polluted, the river will lost its glory more and finally it might turn into the polluted drainage of the valley and will be severely affected than today.  Image

Thus, this is the beginning and if we start to care from the early beginning it will be best in the future. If we plant some trees around the area, the place will be more greenery and also we can start vermicomposting at large scale which will help to manage the waste sustainably.  If we properly managed the waste from this area from this beginning it will not have serious damage in the future. The area will be cleaner and the river will be less impacted by the pollution from the area.  And it will be both better for the costumer and the seller. It will be best alternative place for  vegetable shopping .


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