whats behind that red lips stick !!!!!!

I saw her after a long time. I actually can’t tell, it was how many days, or weeks, or months. I think it’s really more than or near to six months since I haven’t seen her. I got surprised as I saw her, I couldn’t believe it. She is getting married; she had her engagement just day before yesterday. I got shocked.

You might be thinking that I might have loved her and had socked by seeing her but the fact is different. You might think a sad love story in the background but actually I got shocked by seeing her in bold red lipstick. I can’t believe it. Actually she was a simple girl and had almost hated the cosmetic products. . We had spoken a couple of times and she had clearly illustrated that she doesn’t like any make up. When I saw her with dark red lipstick at first I couldn’t believe that she was my friend, same old friend Rebika

I got into the bus in Sinamangal, I had gone there to meet my one of my relative. The bus was pack, I waited for some minutes and I got the seat. Just at the next side of my seat I heard the sound that seemed familiar, I tried to look but a heavy body blocked my vision towards her. Few moments later I again tried, this time I got shocked. I could see a blur image of Rebica and distinctly and clearly in HD the red lips…. And I got back into the situation when the red lips first changed its structure, the two lips flipped open and some teeth came into the scene. And the voice came into my ears as daiii.

I saw the ring and she explained why she is being married fastly and also invited me for attending the marriage ceremony. We just separated in the bus park. Whatever the fact may be I got stock into that white face and unmatched red lips stick. She was being seen as if she was promoting a lips stick brand in the runway of a fashion event.

My mind begin to think of a next friend who also hated heavy makeup and once she had told me that girls wear/ put lips stick after their first kiss. “This is my private thinking and some research even has shown the fact that the girls at first kiss but when they come home they fell that their part of the body has been used by unknown another body and the fragrance is lost, they feel uncomfortable and wear lips stick. While aged girls wear it to look young and beautiful. But I am sure that the young girls put it to hide their first kiss/ foreign touch.” I still remember her being excited. The talk had come when we were watching photos of a wedding. Should I believe her or think as one of my friend that they wear it whenever, however, they like it.

Girls put it to look sexier and attractive, they want to seduce us” one of my male friend just said it being more excited and eager to share his feeling.

Also, nearly a week back, I saw my student whom I had taught for SLC two years back. I had seen her with a friend (male, true friend according to her) a year back. She was free, frank and her mother used to tell that her daughter is very innocent type of girl and she was. But a week back she was with hard red lips. And she had pale sad face. I asked her how are you and how is your so called male friend, she just said he was just friend and also  I don’t want to talk about him and  hurried and ran away and I couldn’t talk to her.

How can I forget my old friend of school whom I used to see in Baneshor with her boyfriend, and red rose at her hand. Oh sorry I couldn’t remember her lips being red hahaha but I can remember she being taken to hospital for fever and I didn’t see that boy and red rose onwards.

Now I am back to my room and just sent a text to Rebica writing congratulation for your upcoming life. Why do girls wear such heavy red lipstick in their lips which do not match them in very young age! Was my friends explanation was right? Is it just co-incidence? Does it have any meanings? I don’t know but there must be a secret behind the red lips stick that the girls know more (especially the one who is wearing it) than the boys do.


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