an aim
ray of hope
vibrating spirit
got quiescent..


me inside a veil
of the coded lock
the code is lost..


even don’t know
will be revealed or not..


inside the veil
me just crawling
couldn’t break it
searching searching
just searching
and focusing on
1000 of roads
1000 cryptic
1000 clue
1000 matches.
horizon blurred
sun’s light absent for me
and dream goal
just fucked me away..


she got the code
is she searching, matching
fixing the key for me
my fate on papyrus at her hand
got watered
she made appointments
she left me..


assumptions made me mad
devil on the way
we had french kiss
society kicked off to us..


still inside veil
code lost
lost the way of glory
me couln’t match
she got to go.
i m good 4 nothing
got lost in the jungle of heights
i m lost
in the destiny of uncertainity
in the future of nowhereness
i m lost…
i m lost…..


 November 2010

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