snow glacier and langtang

White is the colour of purity as mountains reflect. It gives us energy power and hope towards future, tomorrow and life. Here are some images of mountain especially o f langtang 1 & 11 & some other that i captured on langtang trek onwards from 8th may 2012 . The captions are made on the basis that itself the  mountains are speaking May you enjoy it.

some vapour aggregated and ran away from me
some vapor aggregated and ran away from me


look it closely, the same rock may have different appearance tomorrow


laliguras and me are at just watching and talking to each other
look i gave you my beauty and what you are searching


my next friend and we both are just in dim light


they all come near to me and take photo of mine as if i am their loved one


i am not far from nangi gumba and i have green, white and almost all that u are searching


i can be destructive but i can be silent and beautiful as this form


who is this




that part of mine is white but this part is still not getting love of snow


so called researchers are in front of me and they are looking good due to mine presence


me and this so called advancement


ice pack snow glacier are my components i like to keep them more attractive did u notice them here


some times i know you will like my this style also


langtang nangi gumba and snow are my assets


look that man is looking me so much


they are going away from the place where i am abundant and people call that place as my base camp


bye bye to you from the side of langtang 1, 2 and its associates

thank you so much for the patience and observing

love you alll






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