capture nature at Shivapuri Nagargun National Park,

Sivapuri Sundarijal  National Park just few km far from heart of Nepal is one of the best place to enjoy nature and its ingredients. It covers an area of 159 km2 (61 sq mi). The area has always been an important water catchment area, supplying the Kathmandu Valley i.e capital of Nepal, daily with several hundred thousands cubic liter of water. In 2002, it was gazetted as Shivapuri National Park, initially covering 144 km2 (56 sq mi), and extended by the Nagarjun Forest Reserve in early 2009 to its present size.

sivapuri National Park map

It is the origin place of Bagmati which was the original source of water for the people living in the capital of Nepal.

river that quenches thirst of people of kathmandu

Actually its really fun to go there

the way to glorythe way was better by good friends and vegetation loving us

i couldnt stop crying
the spectacular view of mountain from sivapuri hill top

more over nature is in us

little holding

Nature is nature. we just look at it.and try to enjoy.

diversityalso it is splendid to look it

its nature ,its wei cannot write any thing more but remembering the hiking day

no it was just 4 rhodomdron next words are absent

tree mountain religion………………………………..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,}}}}}}}

fluctationlove is must in life

count with naked eye


i couldnt stop crying
the spectacular view of mountain from sivapuri hill top

its all lovely place of hiking i saw love u all thank you

and don’t forget to go there, its the nearest place from kathmandu capital of Nepal to enjoy nature mountain and yourself………………….


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