Lovely crowd. Feeling wonderful. It fells nice that in this rush and run and in even slow motions walk, few have time to observe other, interview with other. Each one of us is in own mood .Some are glorified by their success while some are just spending some momentum of life. I enjoy this crowded these days I am in love with this crowd. Each step of life has sucked upon me. Each turn has wounded me. Each try has made me unsuccessful and failure man.Each movement has made me worn and torn.I am so much tired and energyless that I cannot move a single step. I was born with infinite power, I grew up with this. I was only one who was got best prizes in the school. I was only one who dare to face the HOD when there was any issue. I rocked the floor. That time I hated crowd. I love peace and nature used to nourish me the knowledge of enlightenment. But now the story has changed. My life has got rusting. I am no more a hero. Examination has pointed sharp arrow at my chest. Some one has just kicked me from back and smashed all my belongings. This student of art and entertainment was forced to study so called and hypothetical science and technology. I am no more a man of enthusiasm, activism hope and stories. Some of the identity are just lost, some are smashed and some are left out. I am just being poorer and poorer no laptop, no apple ipod , no 4G mobile. My friends first hugged me then made me naked and ruined my life. They are just being as a person who just shake hand and talk without a heart. some became bosses and i don’t like being ruled. No more back support, no more money, no friends, no work nothing to do. I cannot stand at front. So I just rush along the the speed of crowd. Yesterday and day before yesterday. I moved in Basantapur, Asan, Bagbazar, Putalisadak, today I went to Patan. I just got attracted to the mass and moved with their speed. I can hide myself in the crowd. There will be no one to ask my identity or tease for my failures and unsuccessful stories. I move along the people, in the crowd no one will recognize me.Everyone is in their own mood and style . Crowd is just hiding me. I can walk openly between the people. I don’t need any identity or stories, I can just move along the people for no reason. Just walk and walk and walk . I feared to die so to hide myself in this world of success, stories and achievement I tried to hide along the masses If you saw me somewhere just walking without any aim don’t try to talk to me and disturb me with the lonely walk along people. I fear i will not recognize you and your world.



  1. sale kata harais bhanya ta yaha blog ma po besta rahe6. Some time me too feel same as you, dude. But we have to go with time. Everyone fortune, you say or luck it will come to you knock at you. So wait that knocking. Time will come, keep passion and wait like me. Sometime we should have to create opportunity ourself also…. belive urself and have faith ownself there no body even to stepout from ur aim..

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