• i am just sitting to write but i dont have any topic to write
  • or i have lots of things that i cannot share all at one time i am just confused.
  •  i got unaware where i m heading 
  • or say as i opened the next door i totally got blurred
  •  and could not got see any thing in nextstep
  • i m just jumping screaming and being lost in the openness of kirtipur
  • got fever slept in the room for a week and now i remember a friend 

  • a friend a friend lost

a friend…a lost friend 

friend is lost

hey my friend

i m still

i m still remember u

we had just few

hours together

in a travel

u wre running

with words

i just made ciger

still remember

how u gave a damn to me

at first

but a sweet smile

after i finished it

u just said hope u enjoyed it

when we meet the next time

how frankly did u ask to me

and knew all about me

explored all about yourshelf

still remember how we crossed the red light swiftly

then teached the boss of office

how we run away from restaurant

how we enjoyed short moments

how u could hold the things even having soft voice

today also i m travelling alone

i dont have hope to meet u

as u did

i just wish to make an imprint

on other just as u did to me……….

love u and miss u  forever

this article is dedidaced to the person whom i met at hetauda and always b in my mind


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