close 2 nature

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This is a beautiful place NAMED AS SETO GUMBA commenly but technically as dhruk amitab temple. just few km from shyambhu. me and different friends had gone there on Saturday.

SRTART; we had joined on shyambhu where 3 large statue of buddha were lookiig at us but we were just ignoring them and moving towards the direction at which they were looking

DESTINATION : at least a hour was enough to reach there. the concrete road was telling us ” u r really new man why didnt u bring the bike”

VIEW: the spacular view just touched us. the panoramic view of nature along the modern sophisticatin was just insertting in the heart. the fine imprint of buddha in seto gumba and painting in rato gumba were beyond the description of words.

TOGETHERNESS: It was huge number of almost 25 so obiously it broke down into smaller groups. here malcolm gladwell was right we cannot have close group more than 14. however we joined, fragmented,  unknowingly joined and made group and enjoyed

RETURN: with love 4 nature, buddha, painting and the man who initiated to make gumba, knowing thyself,we came back. it was lovely day



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